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    The type of interview question most Midwife applicants don’t expect

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    How to get started on your new career and life….and not just for January!

    I like the idea of becoming a Midwife but I don’t know where to start

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    Great site, full of help and advice for anyone thinking of becoming a midwife, or anyone already on that journey. Supportive and friendly. I especially loved reading the real-life stories.
    Kate, UK
    Really helpful and uplifting page and services for such an admirable career choice. Well worth following and sharing. Thank you!
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    Great experience to see new life arrive into the world very fulfilling career.
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    Questions and Answer

    How do I…?

    How do I apply to be a Midwife?

    When thinking about being a midwife, you may think about cuddling babies, eating cake and riding around town on a bike with a freshly starched hat! But nowadays being a midwife comes…

    How do I get on to uni course

    Do you have the correct qualifications? To apply for a midwifery place at uni you need…

    How do I get the job?

    To get your first, or a new midwife job you will need to go through a selection process. This is to determine which applicant is the best for the job…

    How do I prepare for my Midwife Interview

    Each university interview process will be slightly different but there will be a lot of similarity between them as well. For most interviews there will be…


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