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2nd Year at University

The moment we went to the second year and the new first years had arrived at university; I suddenly felt like I should know what I was doing!

Half way through already!

A different coloured badge was issued to show that we were half way through our training, new mentors, new placement areas and suddenly the essays you write count towards your final grade! This year is being able to compare and contrast research, so the first challenge how to crack using the library properly; your librarian may just become your best friend!

Trying out everywhere in the hospital…

The placement in the second year was lots of different areas such a theatre, day unit, induction of labour room, theatre recovery and the neonatal unit. Being separated from the rest of your university group into different areas of the hospital was quite daunting, but actually a really good learning opportunity. The second year is all about ‘broadening your knowledge’; so going to various areas helped me to get a better understanding of where midwifery fits into women’s health.

Some went to do an elective placement at other hospitals or abroad to find out about midwifery in different countries, that was really interesting.

Academically second year was the hardest; as again, it is learning to write in an academic style, which for some can take a while to grasp.

Befriend anyone that can help you!

I would say, get as much help as you can in the second year to prepare for the third year and writing your dissertation. Don’t be scared to ask for help, get friends/family to proof read you work, or as to meet with you tutor for guidance.


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