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A Day in the Life as a Midwife

Becky, Labour Ward Midwife

Labour ward is definitely the place for me, I love the hustle and bustle, working closely with the doctors and going to theatre. I suppose that’s also why I like to watch 24 hrs in A&E, it’s the adrenaline rush ...

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Sarah, Day Unit Midwife

I have always been interested in working in the Day Unit, I think the decision-making, the fast pace and not knowing who might be coming in next, all appealed to me. I started off as a midwife on labour ward, ...

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Jo, Community Midwife

My day starts at 9am where I find out how many visits I will be doing today. The area that we cover is large and I could be driving up to 100 miles today. I will mainly be visiting new ...

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Kate, Birth Centre Midwife

Shift Starts Thursday @ 8PM I am getting ready to leave home to go to work on a night shift. The drive to work often involves feelings of apprehension but excitement of what the shift might bring. Start with a ...

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