Becky, Labour Ward Midwife


“Labour ward is definitely the place for me, I love the hustle and bustle, working closely with the doctors and going to theatre. I suppose that’s also why I like to watch 24 hrs in A&E, it’s the adrenaline rush that appeals!”

The early bird…

I have worked on labour ward since I qualified and can’t imagine working anywhere else. Today I am on the early shift, starting at 07.30am. We always start with a handover, which has all the midwives and doctors together so we all know what is happening on the ward, in case anyone needs help, we are all ‘in the know!’

We may be looking after more than one lady in some cases, but we are always given one lady to care for if she is in labour.

A labour of love…

Today I am looking after a woman who had a caesarean for her first baby, but this time she is hoping to have a vaginal birth. As funny as it sounds, I don’t often get to see many births. I suppose this is because I work in the high dependency area for women that are poorly, which is mainly just after or just before the birth.

Today is a good day though as I get to be a part of a wonderful birth and I always feel very chuffed, I suppose it brings the feelings back of why I wanted to be a midwife in the first place.

Labour ward is very unpredictable and some days it will be really busy and others we are just waiting like the ‘calm before the storm’. Today is busy and the shift goes really fast. After everything is done for the lady and her new baby girl, I am able to relieve my colleagues for a tea break, which is always a treat! It is getting close to the end of the shift, I am just admitting another lady who is in early labour, expecting twins. I will be handing over to the late shift shortly who will carry on caring for her, but I am back in again tomorrow, so hopefully I will get to find out that she’s had her twins without a hitch.

The best bits…

Labour ward is unpredictable, but there is teamwork, laughing and humour that keeps us all going and I love being able to make an experience for someone that may be classed as ‘high risk’ as normal and relaxing as possible.

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