Blogs and More… 10 Suggestions for Midwives!

There are so many passionate midwives, student midwives and those that are generally interested in midwifery out there, and the online presence relating to this is growing.

When we are working in a caring profession, getting a bit of inspiration from likeminded people can go such a long way – helping us with supporting each other and realising that we are all in the same boat with shared goals, passions and determination.

I hope that some of the things I post here or on social media make a difference to those that follow my posts – it’s all about sharing the amazing times along with the times that are a bit more tricky…
We all know the power of social media to affect our mood or day, and I wanted to share some accounts and blogs that I follow that make a positive difference to my day, and often put a smile on my face or make me have one of those ‘me too!’ moments!

So (in no particular order!) ‘drum roll please’…

Clemmie Hooper  – Mother of Daughters

Clemmie is a midwife, mother of 4 girls and author. Doesn’t get more impressive than that! She is a happy, passionate women who inspires me – ambitious but with a good balance of work and family life. Anyone that can write a book while juggling career and family is always going to impress me!

Elle Wright –  Feathering the Empty Nest

Elle’s blog is dedicated to the loss of her son Teddy.  She has recently published her first book ‘Ask me his name’ which tells his story, and also deals with the sensitive subject of coping when a child dies and what to say to the families. She’s a strong and inspirational woman, who shares her experiences and makes a difference everyday to so many lives with her positive and honest posts.

Anna Mathur – Mama’s Scrapbook

Anna is someone that I see every day on my Instagram feed who makes me feel a little happier. She is 100% honest with her posts, and doesn’t embellish her life with anything fake. There’s a good balance between happy posts, snapshots of her life and posts aimed at supporting those around her.  I secretly want her to be my friend and/or psychotherapist!

Sophie – Student to Midwife

Sophie is a student midwife and I really do enjoy her posts. Her passion for midwifery shines through and her inspirational quotes seem to pop up when they are needed the most! It’s lovely to see her journey as she progresses though her midwifery training, and she also keeps me up to date with what is going on the in the student world.

Me and Midwifery

Another of my favourites –  ‘Me and Midwifery’,  following the journey of a newly qualified midwife. All the posts are so informative, interesting and thought-provoking, and I really love her passion.  Although being newly qualified is a really tough transition from being a student, she is always upbeat and happy.

Student Midwife Studygram

What a talented woman! Here you can find all the student midwife notes you need, but presented in a unique and  artistic way. Because I’m a visual learner, the way the notes are presented really appeal to me. I really enjoy her posts and if I need to explain anything to students/midwives I will often see whether there is a post on her site or social media that can help me explain.

Megan Rossiter – Postitively Birthing

Megan is a former midwife and really shares her passion for making birth a positive experience. Her posts often include pictures from a birth, showing so much emotion and images of women looking strong and empowered. When days are hard at work, I like looking at Megan’s posts to remind me of what an amazing job we do and how we make a difference to the experience of everyone who comes through the door of Maternity Services.

Sara Cottenden – The Life of a Student Midwife

Following the journey of someone pursuing their dreams is always a lovely thing to see. Sara’s posts are informative and she strikes  a good balance between posting about her on the job experiences and about balancing working life with being a mother. She isn’t afraid to post some things which are very intimate and emotive,  and I like that she pushes the boundaries sometimes!

January Harshe – Birth Without Fear

Firstly this stood out to me because of the title.  This is what we all strive to achieve for women, to make then feel fearless – ready for birth and completely capable. There are many posts with truly amazing pictures of birth, and the blog really focuses on the strength of women, and how we can work together to make childbirth such a beautiful experience.

And last but by no means least…

Sheena Byrom

Sheena is a midwife and joint owner of ’The Practicsing Midwife Journal’ practising with her daughter, also a midwife. There is such a lot of passion for midwifery here in one family! Sheena herself has been practising midwifery since 1978, and her experience and passion shines through in her blog posts. She also deals with a lot of current issues affecting midwives worldwide. I really like reading what she is up to, and seeing her posts about her family life too.

As we know social media and blogging has become part of daily life –  the way of the world today. It has the power to uplift, and to make you feel enthusiastic and motivated.

On the flipside if you have a publicly viewable website or account it can at times make you feel vulnerable, and open to scrutiny, especially when you’re posting about something that’s a vocation for you, close to your heart.

So hats off to the brave and inspirational midwives putting themselves out there on the web and on social media – and personally I think that anything that makes our days a bit cheerier, helps us feel like we are doing a good job, or puts a smile on our faces makes everything that little bit better!

Do you have a Midwife blog?  Maybe you can recommend one we should know about?!


Or do you love to write and have a story to tell?


We’d love to hear from you – drop us an email and your story could be featured on our site soon!

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Emily Seddon

Emily is a midwife with many years of experience. She is passionate about supporting midwives of the future. As a clinical mentor, student link and being on university interview panels, she knows what it takes to get a place!

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