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Being a Midwife

Our Midwife Emily is on TV!

Being a midwife is more than a profession, it’s a joy, a privilege and the daily source of immense pride. When I heard that Pampers wanted to film the ’12 days of Christmas’ as a thank you for midwives, I ...

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First day as a Midwife must-haves!

With September fast approaching, the thought of preparing for your new Midwife course is likely to feel exciting but a bit daunting too. I remember going into my first day on placement, hoping that my weeks at uni practicing how ...

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Am I clever enough to be a midwife?

I remember thinking this myself. Academic work never really seemed to come easily to me and I would never say that I was clever. Now I realise that I just hadn’t studied something that I was really interested in before ...

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