Dealing With Disappointment

An Open Letter to Midwifery Applicants Everywhere!


Dear Midwife to be,

Didn’t get the place on your first Selection Day?

Please don’t lose heart.

Hundreds don’t go through first time. Go back again.

You need to wait before reapplying. But imagine the impression that reapplying gives in terms of eagerness.

You’ll be demonstrating how passionate you are to realise your dreams. How dedicated and committed you are as a person, which is an attribute that is so desirable in midwifery.

We very regularly hear about people getting through second time around.

It can be devastating to not pass the Selection Day, when you think you’re well prepared and gave it your all. You truly thought there wasn’t anything else you could have done.

But as the weeks and months rolled by, on reflection, you realised there were a few things you could do differently the next time.

We know that the second time around you will hold your head that bit higher, mostly because it isn’t as terrifying second time around.

But also because you’ve had more time for rehearsing scenarios, practicing role plays or thinking about discussion topics.

You’ll know what to expect.

We’ve heard so many stories after their first unsuccessful Selection Day, applicants go back (more prepared) and get the place! Feeling proud that they never gave up on their dream.

Hindsight is a beautiful thing but we honestly believe those extra months can be just what you need.

So, we ask this of all of you, who have fallen at the first hurdle. Please don’t give up.

There’s a big wide world out there, waiting for you to be a part of it. Try again!

And remember we’re here for you, to lend an ear or a helping hand, to offer our advice, or even just for a friendly chat!

From the team at Your Midwife Career


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