Emily, Newly Qualified midwife


“I have loved being a midwifery student. On reflecting through my three years I have enjoyed every minute. Placement for me has been the most enjoyable experience.”

I have worked within every area of midwifery and have seen myself grow and develop throughout the three years through the support of my fantastic midwifery mentors. Midwives are there to support you and will ensure you get a wide range of experience. Being a midwifery student has come with obvious challenges of being a student but these can be overcome through determination and hard work.

Studying from a previous degree

I completed a previous degree and had a year working before commencing a midwifery degree. At first I was apprehensive about completing another degree as I still needed to support myself financially. However it is possible to work alongside this degree and there is time, just not always on placement. You need to manage your time well, including time for yourself. Academically studying from a previous degree I had no problems.

Highs and lows

My highs being a midwifery student have definitely been obtained within placement. This is where I have learnt midwifery. Highs have ranged from sharing an experience with a woman such as the birth of her and her partners first baby to learning something new on a shift that I did not fully understand before, to creating a positive birth experience for women. I have made a strong friendship group within my midwifery course who will be friends for life. My friends have been my biggest support network as they understand the pressures and are there to see you through the highs and lows along with your midwifery mentors. I did not really experience any lows, only apart from adapting to a student life that every student goes through in any course e.g. little money and academic work!

Recommendations if you want to study midwifery

If possible make sure you have had some work experience within midwifery such as volunteering. Even working as a health care assistant gives you an insight to working in healthcare and working with people within a hospital setting. I found this a major benefit in completing the course, through having this experience behind me. This ensured I was 100% sure going into midwifery. Places are competitive and limited so you need to be sure you want to be a midwife and have a strong passion for midwifery and hard work ethic.

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