How to apply to a Midwife University Course

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To apply for a midwifery course in the United Kingdom, you will apply through the Universities and Colleges Admission Service or more commonly known as UCAS. UCAS is a UK based independent charity who provides information, support and admission services for those who want to further their education.

A step-by-step guide to UCAS use.



Firstly you’ll need to register on to apply for a course next in-take. By giving some of your personal information they will give you a username and password.


Log in

Provide more personal information including how you will fund your course, where you will live and whether you have any special needs.
You can then verify your email address to get started.


Additional information (Only for UK applicants)

More information will be required including gender, ethnic background, education and occupational background (all this information is used for statistical purposes and will not be used as part of the selection process)


Finance (only for UK and EU students)

If you give UCAS permission, they will share your information with the relevant student loans and awards organisation, so that your application can be streamlined. (UCAS do not provide student finance themselves)


Choose your course

You can apply for up to 5 courses. You can add all at one time or return later with other choices. This information is not shared with the other universities until you reply to the offers and there is no preference order.


Education history

You need to enter all your qualifications, whether you are still awaiting the results or they were ungraded.


Employment history

Information regarding any paid work, up to 5 jobs can be added. You will need company names, addresses, job description and start/finish dates.


Personal statement

This is your moment to show your chosen universities why you want to be a midwife and the qualities you can demonstrate. This is often the stage where it is a missed opportunity to shine.


Double check your application

Before you tick the declaration box and press send, make sure you are happy with all the information that you have provided. Then you are your application will be sent to your chosen universities and you will be able to move into the final sections.


Final bits

Everyone needs a reference (this needs to be from a teacher, lecturer or someone that knows you academically).
Pay your application fee (£12 for one course, £23 for multiple courses)
Send your application



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