How to get your Midwife Job

Although you have trained for 3 years it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be offered a job at the end of it, even if there is a shortage of midwives. Using our review service we can look at your application and make sure you are ready to be offered an interview as a midwife

You have finally come to the end of your 3 years training and now you are a midwife, congratulations! Now the fun begins of looking for your first job.

Where to apply

Although you may find that staying where you have trained may be the easiest option, you may want to apply closer to friends and family, or at different hospital trust for a challenge. If you are newly qualified then you will be looking for a preceptorship position. This is a time where you will be fully supported and given time to learn additional skills such as suturing, cannulation, IV drugs and mentorship. It should be quite easy to search for newly qualified positions through websites such as NHS jobs.

Help applying

You university may help you with writing a CV, but their advice can be fairly generic and focused on the technical aspects, when many jobs put a lot of emphasis on the personal skills side too (which.unis can be less helpful with). If you need additional support we can help you with that too. If there is a chance to practice interview techniques, prepare your portfolio for interview; then take the opportunity.

It is a very proud day when you turn up at your first shift in a newly starched uniform, writing RM after your name and you are actually getting paid for doing a job that you love.

All you need to do is get through the interview process! (We can help with mock interview, email us here to learn more).

Been qualified a while..

If you have been a midwife for a while then you might be looking for a change, moving elsewhere or finding an opportunity to progress in your career. There are often plenty of internal positions that will be advertised but equally ‘NHS jobs’ is a good resource for finding other opportunities.

The value of experienced midwives

Once you have completed your preceptorship then you become even more employable in other trusts. As soon as you are qualified it is a good idea to keep your portfolio as together a possible, firstly because the NMC can ask to see it anytime, but also it is very helpful for when you go to interview that you have all your evidence in one place ready to discuss.


Regardless of whether this is your first interview or you have had several jobs since being qualified we know that the process can be very different so it is best to be prepared for all eventualities.

Once your student days are behind you and getting into uni becomes a distant memory, you have another mountain to climb: getting a job as a midwife.
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