Is passion enough to become a Midwife?


We recently posted a survey asking questions about how we can help you to find a way of becoming a midwife.

(Thank you everyone that took the time to take part!)

Although most of you said that you just need support and encouragement to apply, it remains hard to get your heads around how to apply, let alone get a place and then what will be life be like during your training?

“Midwifery sits in the middle of an art and science, not many of us can say that we really are 50% of both!”

As we know, midwifery is a job where you need to be able to talk easily, build relationships and not feel the need to fill in every bit of silence. Yet at the same time it requires a three year degree, so you need to be able to write an essay and learn the anatomy of a women, a foetus and a neonate.

So, you can understand why some people are confused and lack confidence in applying.

Is passion really enough?

When we have posted things about fulfilling your dream, most people have said that dreaming and wanting it isn’t enough when you have to consider finances, family, relationships and time implications when applying.

There is never going to be a ‘good time’, we have spoken to some student midwives who are just starting their first placements and its really lovely seeing how excited they all are:

Passion for midwifery

Zoe who is on her first placement in the community said:

I have wanted to be a midwife since I saw my sister being born at home. I was six years old and I remember every moment of it. I was disappointed when I couldn’t apply for a bursary anymore, but it didn’t stop me wanting to be a midwife, so applied anyway. To be honest, I can’t believe here I am, in my uniform and doing what I’ve wanted to do for 15 years! I have enjoyed seeing new mum’s in their homes and my mentor is really lovely. It is a lot to take in, but each day I’m understanding more and enjoying every second.”


I then spoke to Kelly during her lunch break and she said:

I have just seen my first ever birth, I don’t know what I was expecting but it was really emotional… just incredible. I feel so lucky that I can just watch someone give birth and be there at that most important time. I will never forget this birth, women are amazing!”


So maybe to be a midwife, passion is enough… you just need to have the confidence to apply, the support from loved ones and just go for it !!

Luckily you have us to help and guide you all the way!!


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Emily Seddon

Emily is a midwife with many years of experience. She is passionate about supporting midwives of the future. As a clinical mentor, student link and being on university interview panels, she knows what it takes to get a place!

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