Making your Midwife Application count


This may be the first time you have applied for a midwifery course, or you may have applied before.

Either way, being rejected at any time can be so disappointing. You may not know why we were not offered an interview and the feedback might be generic. This won’t help you to know what you need to do differently next time you apply.

Worse still its waiting to apply next year- which can seem like a painfully long time to give it another shot.

So how can you make the year count to get that interview next time?

1. Experience

There are so many applicants that those that have demonstrated their dedication by working in a health care setting, volunteering or making any work experience transferable to the application will make a real difference. A midwife has skills that would be seen in customer service, retail, hospitality, teaching – mostly any other job will have similarities to midwifery- so shown them!

2. Personal Statement

This is where it normally goes wrong. A personal statement that gives typical answers about being ‘good at working in a team’ or ‘a good communicator’, but no examples. Not demonstrating why you want to be a midwife or that you understand the midwife role. This is the first and possible the only information that the university will receive, what will make you shine and ensure you get that interview? Let friends and family read your personal statement, or even better, one of our team can give you their professional opinion of how suitable it is. They’ll tell you what’s working, what you need to improve , and how to do!

3. Typo’s

Ask to have your application proof read, silly mistakes like typos, grammatical errors and structure can all make reading your personal statement harder.

4. Stand out

Have you thought about doing a first aid course, working in a breastfeeding group, approaching a children’s centre as a volunteer? This will all help to show your commitment and dedication.

If you think you might need additional help, we have read hundreds of personal statements and can help you. Its amazing what a few tweaks can achieve.

We can always make your application better

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Hannah Vallance

Hannah is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in recruitment, selection and assessment. This means she designs and assesses at selection days just like the ones used for Midwifes, which is pretty handy experience for Midwife Career!

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