Midwife Job Description

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When thinking about being a midwife , you may think about cuddling babies, eating cake and riding around town on a bike with a freshly starched hat (we love Call the Midwife too!). But nowadays being a midwife comes with even wider caring and educational responsibilities. You also need resilience and stamina for long and varied shift patterns, whilst having to maintain a friendly, calming nature, however tired or pressured you may be.


As a Midwife you will be the main contact for pregnant women during pregnancy, labour and postnatal time.


A Midwife Duties

  • You will support, educate and prepare women and their families for parenthood.
  • You will offer antenatal classes to discuss labour, pain relief, breastfeeding and life after birth.
  • You will tailor the education style women depending on needs of the individual which may include signposting to specific groups or one-to-one education in the woman’s home.
  • You will advise women on their health, detect complications, refer to other healthcare professionals and promote normal birth.
  • You will care for diverse groups of women including teenagers, socially excluded, vulnerable and those with complications during their pregnancy.
  • You will need to be able to risk assess, refer, document and multitask while viewing pregnancy as a normal life event.
  • You will be an advocate for pregnant women so they are aware of choices and services available to them.
  • You will carry out emergency procedures, keep up-to-date with current knowledge and maintain a portfolio of your development.
Every wondered what a day can be like as a Midwife? Read some of our case studies so get a taster!
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