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Practical Skills Test

For some midwife jobs you may be asked to complete a practical assessment as part of your selection day. There are a wide range of skills you may be asked to demonstrate (and obviously many skills which, in the confines of an interview, you won’t be able to!) Some of the ones we have heard of being tested are:

  • Drug calculations
  • Assessment of a CTG
  • A mock handover (clinical details, name of woman etc..)
  • Palpation demonstration
  • Emergency scenario

Emergency scenarios

As part of your selection day you may need to demonstrate your knowledge and experience of emergency scenarios. This might be what you presentation is based on; it may be that you are asked about this in your interview; it might be the topic for discussion and debate in your group exercise; or it might not be covered at all!

Here are some emergency scenarios which you may be presented with (this isn’t a definitive list)

  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Breech
  • PPH (Postpartum Haemorrhage)


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