Psychometric Tests

Having to sit a Psychometric to secure your Midwife job? Start preparing today either with our Midwife Selection eBook or our Become a Midwife Online Course.

Psychometric tests are paper or computer based tests, often multiple choice, which test a range of skills such as verbal, numerical, managerial, judgement, reasoning, spatial or problem solving skills. These tests aren’t based on personal skills or competencies and are much more ‘black and white’ i.e. there is a right and wrong answer, and your performance will result in a score. This score will then be matched with a sample population to see how well you match up e.g. you scored higher or lower than most other candidates from an average population of graduates/ professionals. Some organisations like to test for numeracy and literacy and these types of tests are a good way of doing so.

Some selection days may involve more active or group style exercises which may involve you solving a problem together or engaging in something quite physical such as trying to…
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