These Case Studies will give you an idea of what the role of a Midwife is like. If you are looking for a more detailed view then check out our Become a Midwife Course – it’s perfect for anyone who is interested in becoming a Midwife.
  • Real Midwife StoriesPhoto of Faye, Mature student applying for midwifery

    Faye, Mature student applying for midwifery

      “The biggest decision of my life has been going back to education as a mature student to study midwifery.” With a young family and a house to run I knew it wasn’t gone to be easy. I am in the first term of my access course to midwifery and…

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  • Real Midwife StoriesPhoto of Emily, Newly Qualified midwife

    Emily, Newly Qualified midwife

      “I have loved being a midwifery student. On reflecting through my three years I have enjoyed every minute. Placement for me has been the most enjoyable experience.” I have worked within every area of midwifery and have seen myself grow and develop throughout the three years through the support…

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  • Real Midwife StoriesPhoto of Nina, Newly Qualified midwife

    Nina, Newly Qualified midwife

      “Most people applying for midwifery have wanted to be midwives since they were little, I however stumbled on the idea from a family pregnancy 4 years ago. “ As I didn’t have the correct qualifications to apply to university, I needed to complete a year long health specific access…

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Far more people toy with the idea of midwifery than ever apply. It has all the features of a very attractive career at first glance, and TV programmes like ‘One born every minute*’ while not exactly glamorising the profession, certainly raise it as a possibility in a lot of people’s minds…