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Day & Online Courses

Our Courses and Training are Perfect for Anyone Who Wants to Learn First Hand About the Role and Selection Process While Testing Yourself as You go..

Become a Midwife Online Course

Learn how to have your application accepted, pass the university assessment day and start your training to become a Midwife

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1 Day Midwife Course

Coming Soon!


Our Instantly Downloadable eBook Covers All Aspects of Becoming a Midwife in an Easily Accessible Format.

Midwife Selection eBook

In 7 easy steps we help you become a MUCH better applicant from start to finish, so you can gain your place on the highly sought-after midwifery course of your choice.

Just £15.99



Review Services

Let Our Team of Experts Review Your Personal Statement/ Application or CV so You Know it Meets the Criteria.

Midwife Personal Statement Review

Writing a personal statement that shows your passion, commitment and understanding of being a midwife is a difficult task. Most people leave out information that might cost you that all-important interview.

Just £34.97


Midwife Application Form Review

We will make sure your application form is strong enough to sail you through to the next stage of recruitment.

Just £34.97


Midwife CV/ Resume Review

Send us your CV and we will help you transform it from something fairly unremarkable to a CV that will get you through to the next selection stage.

Just £34.97

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Learn How to Become a Midwife
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Become a Midwife eBook
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Become a Midwife eBook
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Become a Midwife eBook
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Become a Midwife eBook
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