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Writing a personal statement that shows your passion, commitment and understanding of being a midwife is a difficult task. Most people leave out information that might cost you that all-important interview.

Every year getting a place becomes tougher, so lets make this the year you are offered an interview and a step closer to getting onto your dream course.

Do you really want to wait another year to apply again?

It’s exactly these sort of questions we are able to answer.

We want your personal statement to be unique and stand out as someone that should be interviewed. We know what the universities are looking for, the important information to be included and what should be left out.

Fitting everything you want into a tight word count is tricky at the best of times, but we are here to help you every step of the way.

Who is this service for?

You have read and re-read your personal statement over and over again and you are just hoping that it is good enough. It is likely that a majority of what you have written is good, but it may just be the smallest mistake that could put off a university and jeopodise your chance of being offered an interview.

You might recognise some of these common mistakes in your own personal statement:

  • Writing about previous work experience but with no relation to your new chosen career
  • Writing about your own experience of giving birth and pregnancy
  • Discussing other commitments in your life which prevents shift working
  • Being a ‘good communicator’ or how you ‘work well in a team or as a individual’, without examples
  • There is poor grammar, structure or typos

How can we help?

Write your personal statement to the best of your ability and then we are here to support you to make sure that your personal statement is not just ‘good’, but impresses the universities that you are applying to.

You will get in depth, personalised feedback on:

  • What you are doing right and how to build on the strengths of your personal statement
  • What needs improvement, including further reading/experience, structure, a balance between experience and demonstrating knowledge of wanting to be a midwife
  • Typo’s and grammar

Our team of selection psychologists and practicing midwives – is an ideal combination!

They will work through your personal statement line by line, showing you specifically what you need to do to make it much more impressive. They will work with you to create the personal statement you deserve and are proud to submit.

With their unique combination of expert knowledge, our team are here to help you realise your dream.


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I got the Job! You gave me the energy not to give up, to be patient and to fight! I could not find anybody to help me and give me some advice so your support was very much appreciated!