University Midwife Essay or Written Exercise

A few universities will expect you to complete a written exercise, although this is less popular than some of the other tasks. Try our Online Midwife Course where we cover indepth how best to pass this tricky stage.

Again, the format of this may vary. You may be given an essay title in advance and asked to prepare to spend 40 minutes to an hour writing your essay during your selection day. instead of a title you may be given a list of short scenarios to choose from. These will be relevant to midwifery. You will select one of the scenarios and write about what you would think would be important in that situation and how you would behave.

Example scenario/ essay titles:

  • How would you support a teenage woman in her first pregnancy who was anxious about the birth and apprehensive about motherhood?
  • What are the key priorities for a midwife with regard to breastfeeding?
When you imagine becoming a university student you may have ideas of fresher’s week, lazy study days, late nights and occasional use of your new stationery. Being a student midwife is a different experience.
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