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University Midwife Numerical Tests

Midwives need to be able to do basic numerical calculations to do their job properly, whether working out correct medication amounts or taking other measurements.

A numerical test looks at how well you can interpret and manipulate numerical information. The calculations may cover fairly straightforward calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, fractions, use of decimals etc. The more practice you have of doing these sorts of calculations, without a calculator, the more prepared you will feel for the test.

The test will give you information in various formats- tables, graphs, pie charts for example. All the information you need to answer the questions is somewhere within this information, you just need to work out how to use it, and what the correct answers are! There may be some parts of the test where you are allowed to use a calculator and others where this will not be permitted. When you are not allowed to use a calculator you will be given paper and pen so you can do your ‘working out’ in writing.


Top Tip

  • Try to use mental arithmetic every day by doing calculations in your head. This could be in the supermarket by adding up your bill as you go or at a bar when you order a round of drinks.

Example question 1

Don’t use a calculator for these questions.

  • Question 1: What is 10% of 420?
  • Question 2: If you had 1547 patients who had seen a GP as emergency cases, 109 patients who had a pre-booked appointment and 326 patients visiting for health visitor and midwife appointments, how many patients in total have visited the surgery?

Click here to see the Answers

Click here to see the Answers

Question 1: Answer 42
Question 2: Answer 1982

Example question 2

Now you can use a calculator!

  • Question 1: What is 5% of 360?

Click here to see the Answer

Click here to see the Answer

Question 1: Answer 18


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