When I was on ‘One Born Every Minute…


One Born Every Minute, the popular show Channel 4 show that everyone is aware of for screaming (mum and newborns), blown up gloves and lots of tea and cake.

Roll back five years ago and I was on there (not giving birth, thankfully) but as the midwife looking after a woman in labour.

Camera crews and microphones

Having the cameras on labour ward moving around the room like a robotic friend, having a microphone attached to you and lots of people running around very enthusiastically with clipboards took quite a bit of getting used to.

The production crew were everywhere, the clinic, the labour ward, the staff room….

There was no getting away from the ‘new members of the team’. I was worried that if I was filmed I would end up saying something silly or making a fool of myself; don’t get me wrong, I did say some silly things, but that’s not too out of the ordinary!

In the labour zone

I was lucky enough to be looking after one of the women from my antenatal clinic that I had looked after since I had booked her at 10 weeks pregnant. The nice part was knowing all about her already, there was no need for the ‘how did you meet’, ‘have you been together long’, what’s the name of your first child’ type questions. We knew and trusted each other.

Although I was initially very aware of the cameras, suddenly I didn’t even notice them following me around the room and tracking my every move. My main concern was that was caring for the woman that I have looked after for the last 7 months and that I get to meet her newborn baby. Midwives always have a preference and for me, its labour! She did so well, I was so proud of her.

Fame at last!

It was quite different watching it all back and making sure I was happy with everything that was going to be aired, you feel quite exposed suddenly being broadcast. You also think ‘do I really look/sound like that’??!!

It is funny how many people still say “Were you on One Born Every Minute”?? I recently got a message from a friend who now lives in Australia who saw me on the TV there which was a memorable moment, it’s a small world!

I am very proud that I could demonstrate my passion for midwifery to the public, although there are parts of the programme that don’t always show midwifery very accurately (we do not have that much tea and cake!). It’s a lasting memory that I am proud of being involved with.

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Emily Seddon

Emily is a midwife with many years of experience. She is passionate about supporting midwives of the future. As a clinical mentor, student link and being on university interview panels, she knows what it takes to get a place!

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