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Will there be any other tests I will have to do?

Different organisations will use all sorts of different tests and assessment activities to ascertain a) if you are right for the role and b) who, of all the candidates who are a good fit, would be the best person to offer the job to. It often doesn’t come down to clinical skills or experience as this can be quite similar across candidates. What they might be looking at more closely is whether you are the sort of person who will fit well into the team, work well with others, enhance the way the unit functions and provide a level of excellence not all midwives achieve.

There are plenty of ways an employer can put your skills and aptitudes under the microscope- here are some of the most common ones.


Presentation Exercise

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Some organisations like to see candidates do a presentation. The topics will vary, from something knowledge or technical based to your perspective or opinion on something relevant to your practice as a midwife. You are most likely to be told in advance...