Life as a student midwife

If this inspires you to want to be a student midwife then you have a better chance of getting a place on a course by completing our Become a Midwife Course or our very popular Midwife Selection eBook to prepare you for what it will be like

When you imagine becoming a university student you may have ideas of fresher’s week, lazy study days, late nights and occasional use of your new stationery. Being a student midwife is a different experience.

How the course is structured

Each university may structure their course differently, some you may find yourself on labour ward very quickly and for others you may have a few months in University preparing with clinical skill practice on your class mates.

It can be a learning curve, balancing academia with full time shift work and still trying to enjoy the student experience as much as your friends on other courses.

The course will teach you everything that you need to know to be a midwife, you will have a assigned mentor in clinical practice to support, encourage and give you as many opportunities to learn as possible. Your time will be shared 50:50 between lecturers/ academic study and placement (in the hospital, community, neonatal unit, theatre) and practical skills such as blood pressure checks, palpating the abdomen, listening to the fetal heart, blood tests, documentation, caring for a woman during labour, vaginal examinations, facilitating birth, newborn care, breastfeeding support.

At uni:
Anatomy and physiology including adaptation of pregnancy systems.
Learn the fundamental midwifery skills underpinned by theory
Professional, legal and codes of conduct
Accessing relevant research

In placement:
Introduction to clinical practice, what is it like to be a midwife.
Responsibility and role of the student midwife
Communication and documentation skills.
Infant feeding
Deviation from normal and more complicated procedures
Labour and birth care
Learn about allied services that midwives work alongside

In uni:
You will learn about genetics, pregnancy and medical related condition
Explore the global related issues of pregnancy and childbirth
You will expand on your knowledge of professional practice, boundaries and interprofessional communication
You will learn how to compare and contrast relevant research

In practice:
You will develop the practical skills learnt in year 1
Medicines management including drug calculations
You will get the chance to caseload to understand autonomous practice
Some universities offer elective self funded placements, although this may also happen in the 3rd year.

In uni:
By choosing a topic to research you will demonstrate synthesis of evidence and analysis.

In practice:
You will enhance your skills so that you will be a safe, autonomous, competent practitioner and be ready to be entered onto the professional register at the point of qualifying.
You will learn how to risk assess, prioritise care and manage complications that may occur
You will demonstrate leadership

Some universities offer elective self-funded placements, although this may also happen in the 3rd year.

I can remember the first day in practice as if it was yesterday. I remember walking into labour ward and taking in the hospital smell. Walking up the corridor…
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