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Getting onto a midwifery course, or later, getting the job you want, can be incredibly difficult. If you have struggled with either of these you are certainly not alone! Good news is that you are in the right place to overcome those struggles- all the guidance and support you need is right here.

In our store we have listed the different ways we can help you. It’s a simple fact that if you get professional help with any aspect of selection, such as your UCAs application, your selection day, a CV or interview, you will do better than if you try to get by alone. We have developed these services and products because we know what you have to do to succeed. Now all you have to do is let us help you!

Not all of our services will be 100% right for you, which is why we have created a range of different tools. Hopefully one of them will be exactly what you are looking for.

Take a look and see what seems like a good fit. It will depend on what you are struggling with most and what style of learning best suits you. And if you aren’t sure, then do get in touch. We can talk you through your options and advise you where your focus would be best spent.

We’d be delighted to help you achieve your career goals, so take a look round and see what we can offer.

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Getting Selected for Midwifery Course

Don’t struggle with your UCAS application and selection day alone, when failing at any stage will mean another year of waiting before you can try again. With this instant access course, the help you need is at your fingertips…


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Midwife Personal Statement Review Service

We want your personal statement to be unique and stand out as someone that should be interviewed. We know what theimportant information to be included and what should be left out.


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Midwife Application Form Review Service

We will make sure your application form is strong enough to sail you through to the next stage of recruitment.


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Midwife CV Review Service

Send us your CV and we will help you transform it from something fairly unremarkable to a CV that will get you through to the next selection stage.


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Midwife Selection Day Workbook

An invite to a Selection Day is both exciting and nerve-wracking Our job is to take all the uncertainty out of the assessment day so you can attend feeling confident, prepared and ready to prove you are the perfect candidate for the new role!

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